So Collective Detective has been on a bit of a hiatus for awhile while we've been focused on past, current, future and non-CD specific projects. It's funny how that happens. Our upcoming project Collectivus started like a movie that's been in development hell for years. It starts out as a "what if," on a drive somewhere or over a lunch in a deli with bad service -- some notes are made. The idea sits in a notebook for awhile while and you go off to work on another project. You pick at it now and then. Make changes; make rewrites. The time wasn't right, right people weren't available, no financing, your agent fled to Tijuana with your life savings. The usual. The idea was good and strong, it just needed to wait for the pixels to align.

So now is the beginning of that time. We're kinda-sorta, halfway in the middle of starting to tell you about our next ambitious project. We're going to chronicle what we can here, use our social networks to help us find the right talent and resources to help us along and we'll all go on a journey together.

So to our old friends: It's nice to talk to you all again. To those of you wandering over for the first time: Welcome to Collective Detective. To the search engine bots: Happy Indexing!

More soon!