collectivus logo circa 2003

I created the original Collectivus logo in 2003. The cube in the logo was designed around the concept that individual connections could combine to make something bigger and greater.

collective effect logoThere were two designs used on the site: one of just the block of cubes with a small cube off to the left-side, the other a circle of cubes surrounding the larger block. The latter was also used in a project called "Collective Effect," which applied the power of collaboration to raise money and awareness for charity and a satellite effort of

The font for the Collectivus logo is "Murray Hill Bold BT." I hacked together some of the letter alignment; the "v" especially was raised much more than the other letters. I'm not sure what I was thinking regarding the colors.

I knew I still wanted to use all these elements for our new web application. With a few more years of experience screwing around with graphics under my belt, I took a crack at revising the logo for 2008. Being a lean start-up, there's still a lot of DIY; I don't claim to be any great designer. There were a few issues I wanted to address:

  • Alignment of the letters
  • Moving the single cube to also represent the "dot" in
  • In the old version, the individual cube didn't have anywhere to "fit in." So I made a slot in the block of cubes.

The style guide is still not locked for Collectivus, so for now I've just applied the same color palette used here on Collective Detective.

Here's the updated logo:

collectivus logo 2008

So that's the short story of the Collectivus logo. I'm happy to hear your feedback or suggestions.