Not everyone consumes information the same way. Some people like to surf web pages, some people still read these foldable devices made from trees called "newspapers," some people have a chatty Aunt that seems to be in on everyone's business, etc. For those on the more online side of information, we've got a few new ways to keep up with CD updates and news.

There's always this site, which if you're reading this, you've managed to find it at least once.

The Need for Feeds

We also have the Collective Detective RSS feed. Feel free to plug this link into your favorite feed reader (like Google Reader); you'll know every time we make an update.

Follow Us on Twitter

Gearing up to share more news about Collectivus, we recently added Collectivus on Twitter. Twitter is a highly-addictive site for telling everyone what nonsensical thing you're currently doing. It'll be more interactive in the future; right now it too will let everyone know when there's an update to this blog.


We've also added both Collectivus and Collective Detective to FriendFeed, a great new social aggregation site. These too will alert you to updates on this blog and share information in other ways in the future.

Portable Comments

Lastly, we use a commenting system from a great start-up called Disqus. Disqus allows you to use a single login to comment across blog and track discussion updates across the 'Net.

Information Sharing Made-to-Order

We'll continue to add additional resources to keep tabs on all CD activity, even though things are pretty quiet now. We want you to be able to find, friend and follow us your way. In the future, when someone asks about "Collective Detective," you'll be able to say: "I've been following them for years!"