We recently ordered some new business cards. Business cards are one of those staple items needed when meeting people in the wild. It ensures that each party can continue to interact at a later date. Pretty textbook stuff right? Sure. However, the way we do business, especially in the 'Net biz is ever changing and evolving. It wasn't long ago you'd hand each other your mobile phones and enter yourself into the other's speed dial. Just recently I met some people at a conference and they simply asked me for my Twitter handle; they added me right on the spot via their iPhone.

Yet, the business card endures. It's tangible, promotes your brand, and will someday endear you to someone when they fold it up and use it to level a wobbly table.

2008 Collective Detective Business Cards

The new Collective Detective cards are smaller than the originals. We opted for the more tree-friendly and compact MiniCards from Moo -- plus c'mon, they're cool. On the back, in addition to the tried and true company logo, name, email address, phone number, http://www.collectivedetective.com URL, and personal site link, we've added something simple, yet useful at the bottom:

"@username on many online communities"

In my case: "@quixado on many online communities."

The online versions of the small "us" that is CD exist and are reachable in many more places than just the Collective Detective site or a personal blog. Each community is another opportunity for outreach and engagement with the people met online and offline. Simply putting a link to a Twitter or LinkedIn profile is limiting; listing every social site one belongs to is excessive. So we thought this was a happy medium: provide the standard contact information and extend the invitation to find and reach us elsewhere.

A small and simple thing we're trying and that we wanted to share with you. Something you might consider for your own cards in 2009.

Happy New Year from Collective Detective!