Meet me at SXSW 2009 ( you're heading down to Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive, Film, or Music, we'll be in town as well.

We're not announcing anything; we're not promoting anything. In fact, I'll be down representing the day gig part of the time. We're going down to meet with friends old and new, check out what others are launching and promoting, and to have a good time. It's good to put your own project down and get some perspective on how others are approaching their projects. Plus, it's Austin! I'm a former resident and love getting back into town.

Believe me, SXSW would be a great place to kick-off Collectivus, it's just not ready yet folks — hang in there!

If you're not going to Austin, you're missing a great time and you should start marking your calendar for 2010 now. Who knows, maybe we'll have something next year?

Hope to see, meet, or catch-up with you there!