Vote for my PanelPicker Idea! Every year it seems like the time to start getting ready for SXSW is earlier and earlier. Already the voting selection has begun for Interactive panels and this year we took a different approach with our panel submission.

Organized by Traci Miller, our Chief Mischief Officer, the panel: "My Start-up Relationship" talks about the other-side of being in a micro-business/start-up: How it impacts the relationship with your significant other, especially when you work together. Here's the panel description:

It's hard to leave work at work and home at home. What happens when they're one in the same? This panels discusses the challenges of working and living with a spouse or friend that is a business partner.

And here's some questions and topics that will get covered:

  1. Your business partner is your spouse? Ahhh!
  2. How to separate work from home.
  3. What happens if it gets to be too much?
  4. How to put your offline other at ease.
  5. How to pull their attention away without making it seem you're unsupportive.
  6. What paperwork you need to have in place - no matter what!
  7. Living and working together isn't working, what's the next step?
  8. How to communicate, communicate, communicate!
  9. Should we separate duties?
  10. Schedule work nights and fun nights and stick to it.

We've got some interesting material already planned and may have some Collectivus surprises in store. (Yes, we'll have launched by then.)

If you are heading to SXSW, please drop us a line. We'd love to meet you in person and hope you'll both vote and attend our panel.

If you don't plan on heading down to Austin next March, panel footage is usually posted online a few weeks after the event so you'll still be able check it out. A quick sign-up and your support by giving our panel the "Thumbs Up" would be appreciated.