Just a short update on our branding for Collectivus. You may have noticed that the logo has been punched up a little and is sporting a shiny new color-scheme as well.

collectivus logo 2009

I had taken a crack at revising the original Collectivus logo from 2003 about a year ago, but not being a graphics pro, there's only so much I could pull off with my limited art skills. So as part of the development for the Collectivus application, we brought in a professional to tweak the logo and create additional branding assets for us. Tara Petrilli of Eye-Volt Design has been doing a great job meeting our graphic design needs for this project.

Original (circa 2003)

collectivus logo circa 2003

Old (2008)

collectivus logo 2008


collectivus logo 2009

What do you think?

This is just a small preview of the look of Collectivus. You'll be seeing more sneak peeks and additional information rolling out faster as we countdown to launch.

Speaking of launch: Beyond the CD blog, become a fan of the Collectivus Facebook page and follow Collectivus on Twitter for news and other ways to check out Collectivus early.