As you know, we're a lean micro-business building Collectivus on the nights and weekends. Excitedly, we are closing in on the first release. However, we've assessed we need more people to help finish out release one as well as help gear-up for what comes next.

Looking for a fun side-project? If you're interested, have any combination of the skills we need and can commit a minimum amount of time per week through the end of the year to help out with some short-term stuff, we'd love to hear from you. Yes, you will get paid, but be warned, it'll likely be a sad and pathetic amount. We're also hoping to find people who want to continue to work with us on the next part of the roadmap. Those gigs will resemble more of a normal paying type. We're flexible; let's talk.

The Business Stuff

Business Planning and Development
Work with us to refine the business plan.
Help us develop and execute a scaled funding strategy and revenue plan.
Help us develop and package proposals and presentations and correctly file paperwork in triplicate.

The Visual Stuff

User-Experience Design / User Interface
Review and revise the existing user-interface.
Color-palette and accessibility improvements.
Help resolve a specific work-flow issue around search and results.
Graphic Design
Punch up art assets used in UI.
Creation of a few icons and other graphics.

The Code Stuff

Client-side Development
Use your expert HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery skills to help code, tweak, and revise features.
Ability to integrate and work with third-party APIs and web services.
Python / Django / PostgreSQL Development
Solid skills or background in related framework and want to move into the awesomeness of Python in order to hook-up some features and build new ones.
Ability to integrate and work with third-party APIs and web services.
Experience with authentication systems.
Linux Server Administration / Infrastructure Operations
Code review of infrastructure and security
Scripts and processes for automated back-up, deployment, and maintenance jobs.

At a minimum, you'll be one of the first to get more insight into what the hell we've been building all this time. It's also an opportunity to be a part of something we're very excited about and think people will have a lot of fun with. Please contact us via the Contact Page, email, Direct Message on Twitter or reach out on Facebook if you're interested and want to hear more.