BarCamp: Washington, DC On Saturday November, 14th, we'll be traveling south from the Collective Detective Compound to once again participate and attend BarCamp DC. It'll be our second year back and we're looking forward to it.

The DC/Virginia/Maryland tech community really knows how to put on a great non-conference, as well as how to order an insane amount of pizza. It's a great opportunity to learn about exciting things going on in the Capitol area, meet new people doing interesting things, and over-indulge in pepperoni. It's also a chance to catch-up with friends and peers face-to-face. Neither of these things you can easily do online in under 140 characters or in an email.

If you're interested in technology and are in the area, come join us in DC. If Philly is a closer drive this weekend, we highly recommend you check out BarCamp Philly and a cheesesteak from Jim's Steaks on 4th and South. If you're elsewhere, find the next BarCamp event near you.

Hope to see you there or at an event sometime soon!