kittens under a tree

Companies put all kinds of interesting things on their site for the holidays. Since we don't have Collectivus ready to show you this year, we're going to distract you with a picture of the newest members of the Collective Detective family: two kittens we rescued and the surly looks on their faces.

It's also helpful that pictures of cute cats are an Internet obsession, so we're okay with using the overwhelming kitty cuteness to lure in new people to check us out.

We're going to both relax and go into overdrive during the holiday break and early 2010 will bring our first release. That's our New Year's Resolution.

Thanks to friends and colleagues, both online and around-the-corner for the incredible support we've gotten over our little mystery project. That's one of the things we're grateful for this holiday.

Wherever you are, have a safe and happy Holiday Season. We'll see you on the other side of 2010.