A little over two weeks ago we unleashed Collectivus upon the world, changing forever the dynamic between people and rubber duckies. We wanted to share with you some highlights of our story so far:

At midnight Eastern on January 26th, we flipped the bit and activated the Collectivus.
Tracey Ewart becomes the first person ever to encounter a Thingie in the wild.
Mystery Boxes
The invasion of Thingies began with sending small armies out to many of the brand name people we know. More are shipping out soon.
Jay Rishel posts his unboxing pictures to Collectivus. Many other unboxing photos have shown-up online as well.
Oh Baby!
Hillary Rothrock becomes a trendsetter by posting the first picture of a Collectivus Thingie with a baby. Many more have followed.
Probably the most wild adventure of a Thingie has been that of Wolfberry. In the span of a few days "Wolfy" was cooked, chewed on, and then taken cross-country skiing.
The Snowpocalypse
The most popular Thingie photo-op so far has been people taking duckies out into the snow during the recent snow storms on the east coast of the US.
Oh, Canada
The furthest the Thingies have migrated to so far is Vancouver, BC and into the care of our friend Colleen Coplick — who was quickly overwhelmed by multiple duckies. We do have it on good authority that Thingies are making their way across the ocean soon. Keep an eye out.
As of this posting, the number of Encounters people have had with Thingies.
Days so far where something crashed the site.
Number of bugs found by our Attorney of all people. We love her so.

We want to shout out a big "thank you" to everyone using Collectivus for all of the support and for getting Thingies out to see the world. We're hard at work fixing bugs, developing new features and preparing new surprises.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Collectivus, drop us a line. To stay up to date on the latest Collectivus happenings, follow Collectivus on Twitter and become a Collectivus Fan on Facebook.