We're playing catch-up with news and email now that we're back from our trip to Austin and realized that we didn't post about some recent Collectivus coverage by two Central PA bloggers and business people.

Will These Little Rubber Duckies Revolutionize Marketing?

Kelly Watson, of One Woman Marketing, gave a nice overview of the opportunities for Collectivus in the marketing space. Our favorite quote:

While Collectivus is still feeling its way, they’ve injected fun back into marketing at a time when traditional ads are leaving people jaded.

Silicon Pasture Week: what in hell is Collectivus?

John Caddell, of Caddell Insight Group, blogged an overview of Collectivus from the user perspective. Our favorite quote:

…Collectivus, as Twitter has demonstrated, will become what its users make it to be. The Collectivus team has created a wide-open platform to explore movement, giving, and attachment to objects. Time will tell how it ends up. Perhaps people will be registering encounters with battered thingies twenty years from now.

Thanks to John and Kelly for the kind words. If you see anyone talking about Collectivus out on the Interwebz, please drop us a line.