While some early scouting parties made it to Austin, TX as part of our launch, a larger army of Collectivus Rubber Duckie Thingies are on their way to find mayhem and adventure with those also descending into the area to attend SxSW Interactive.

Hitchhiked to Austin, TX

If you've been trying to get your hands on our Thingies, downtown Austin will be a great place to look over the next week. After that, the Thingies will hopefully journey across the world with all of the new friends they'll have made in the Lone Star state. Will you be one of them?

The best way score a Thingie is to keep your eyes open for them, they could be anywhere. They are attracted to photo opportunities, beer, BBQ, and parties. They try to avoid small children and pets.

Another way is to keep an eye out for our Chief Mischief Officer: Traci. Traci will be all around Interactive and related events. She may even be wearing her chicken hat (don't ask). If you run into her, say "Hi!"


Follow the Collectivus Twitter account for live updates from Austin and info on where to find Thingies and find us. You're also welcome to follow Traci and myself (Josh) on Twitter for updates. We're excited to meet new people and catch-up with online and offline friends.

Social Location services, games, entertainment and technology are going to be very popular topics at this year's conference. While our humble little project won't be the talk of the town, we're looking forward to talking to you about it and getting your feedback.

We're also hard at work on fixing bugs and adding some new features; we've only exposed a small part of what Collectivus will eventually be. We'll have a recap toward the end of March reporting on our first two months live.

Thanks for your continued support and see you in Austin!