Welcome to another in a series of Collectivus updates. We've just past the 90 day mark since we went live and we're now looking toward the next set of features and enhancements we've got in development.

We're also working on a survey to find out more about what you like, don't like, and what features you'd like to see next. Our plan from the beginning was to iterate quickly. On average, we pushed out fixes and features about once a week. As we move to "what's next" on Collectivus, we want to get your feedback. More on that soon.

It's a little early to tell you about the exciting new features we're working on. What I can say is that we've grown the team, have some ambitious features we're working on and think you'll have a lot of fun with it.

If you've signed up for Collectivus and have had an encounter with a Thingie, you'll be the first to check and test the next version out. If you haven't found a Thingie yet, sign-up anyway and be an early adopter of what we're planning for a summer release.

If you'd like to get involved with working on Collectivus, drop us a line. We're looking for someone to help out with front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery) and graphic design (artwork and icons). We're a bootstrap team, but if you're looking to have fun working on an exciting geo-social application: let's talk.

Don't forget to follow Collectivus on Twitter and our Collectivus Facebook page. Also, a reminder that we now have a Collectivus Photo Pool on Flickr for sharing pictures of your Thingie Encounters.

More soon; stay tuned.