Hey gang!

Villanova ThingieSix months ago we launched the prototype release of Collectivus. In that time, we've released hundreds of Thingies into the wild. Some have travelled as far away as Turkey and Australia, many have journeyed all over the country, some have been hijacked by children, two confirmed cases of being eaten by dogs, some appearances at Philadelphia Union soccer matches, and a lot of them wound up playing in the snow. Most of them seem to be photogenic judging by all the pictures that get posted.

We introduced people to Collectivus through care packages sent all over, handed them out to hundreds of people on the streets of Austin at SXSW, and spoke about them in front of the Executive MBA class at Villanova.

It's been a wild half-year!

As someone who has spent literally years thinking about this project: thank you! Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for posting your Thingie encounters. Thank you for the feedback and most importantly the support.

So if version 1 was a "prototype of a beta," what next? Well, version 2 is in the works and hopes to be a "beta of a beta." We've taken your feedback and the data collected and went back to the drawing board on certain features. We're also working on features that were planned all along. The team has more than doubled from the first version and we have a ton of ideas we can't wait to get to.

Speaking of feedback. We finally figured out how to send a newsletter. Please check your email for a link to a survey. We could really use your two-cents to help us improve the next version.

We think we've got a formula to make the next version of Collectivus even more fun, more interesting, and more interactive. Soon, we'll find out.

We know things have been quiet on the blog, but that's because we've been working on what's next. Keep an eye out for information on the new Collectivus and meet more of the crew working on the project in "Team Spotlights." You can also get updates by following Collectivus on Twitter and liking the Collectivus Facebook page. We also now have a Collectivus Photo Pool on Flickr.

Thanks again!

Soccer Thingie