When we concocted Collectivus, one of the things we'd wonder about is how far away from Pennsylvania they might travel. The example we'd use when we tried to explain our pitch our concept was: "Imagine that the Thingie you just found had been at the Sydney Opera House the week before?" We had always hoped that a Thingie would travel there someday. Traci and I had been there in 2008, saw an opera, and the idea of our creation making a trip there was exciting. Plus, it would be hard for a Thingie to travel any further away.

Fast forward to March 2010. I met David Storey at a party during SxSW. The Collectivus prototype was out for less than two months; I had given David and his friend John Rubber Duckie Thingies to help test out the concept.

David is Australian. During the conversation, I mentioned our Sydney goal and the back story of Collectivus. Like many of the people in Texas we gave a Rubber Duckie Thingie to, we were appreciative of their time and entertaining our ideas, not sure of when or where they might create a Thingie encounter.

On December 23rd, 2010, David checked in Charlie at the Sydney Opera House.

David's check-in is extra special to us because he took this mission to heart and with one Encounter with a Thingie, helped validate that our social objects really can help connect people, places and ideas. He even took the time to send me a follow-up note and send additional pictures.

Thank you to David and the hundreds of you who have taken a Thingie on a journey in 2010. The Collectivus team appreciates your support and we look forward to bringing you version 2.0 in 2011.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!