It's that time of year again. The annual pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive. Last year, we roamed the streets of Austin and handed out Rubber Duckie Thingies to help us test the first version of Collectivus. Many of those Thingies have gone on to have encounters all over the world.

collectivus my thingie gear

Buttons and stickers and Thingies? Oh my!

If you're heading to SXSW this year, keep an eye out for the guys in the Collectivus shirts. They'll have buttons and stickers to give out and perhaps give you a sneak peak at the upcoming Collectivus 2.0.

We'll even explain the story behind the new Duckie Thingie and show you some of the other Thingies we'll be introducing. Basically, they'll be happy to show you their Thingies.

Heading to the Live Music Capital of the World or not, follow Collectivus on Twitter for Collectivus updates from Austin.