We got a surprise note from Lili Troy the other day. She's the brilliant designer who is responsible for the style of our Digital Thingies and has created many of them you've seen already (and some you haven't). She wanted to know if we could release some Halloween-themed Thingies she cooked-up. We never say "no" to Lili.


The cat we'll keep year-round. The pumpkin may only be available for a limited-time.

So if you like these new Thingies, or in fact any Lili-designed Thingie, feel free to drop us or her a a tweet or a note. You also may or may not be the first to learn clues about upcoming Thingies by following her. If you're in the Denver-area, she's your local hook-up for Thingies too. She also does freelance work; we obviously highly recommend her.

Two other notes to pass on:

  • We started circulating another orange Thingie today, but you'll need to go through a lot of yellow to Encounter it.
  • We started testing condition modifiers (also designed and created by Lili) on a few Thingies. Eventually, they will be rolled out to all Thingies.

Happy Halloween from the entire Collectivus team! Be safe out there trick-or-treating and be sure to treat someone to a Thingie today.