suck it santa thingieHappy Holidays everyone!

We're closing out the 2011 with some changes to sharing. We're also planning a number of enhancements and revisions to the Collectivus service in 2012.


As you probably already know, Gowalla's team was acquired by Faceboook and the service will be shut down at the end of January. In preparation for that, we'll be converting all of your Gowalla connections over to Collectivus ones so they aren't lost when they turn off the lights.

We've also disabled connecting Collectivus and Gowalla accounts. If you already have your account connected, you can continue to use it and share as you have been. Sometime in January, you'll see Gowalla sharing options removed from the app.


Connecting your foursquare and Collectivus accounts, gives you a few additional benefits to both your foursquare and Collectivus experience:

  • Option to check-in on foursquare when you post your encounter.
  • Create or check-off "done" on a Thingie tip at that location, letting other people using both foursquare and Collectivites know that Thingies may be available there.
  • Get notifications when you checkin somewhere Thingies are nearby. We're starting with email, but hope to add other notification types soon.

That last one is a new feature to Collectivus. People use different apps to log their location activity and many, like Collectivus, leverage Foursquare place data. So if you check-in using an app like Path, we don't want you to have to change apps in your quest for Thingies. With the Thingie alert option set, we will periodically poll your latest foursquare activity. If there are Thingies in the vicinity, we'll send you a notification. You can then leap into action and fire up Collectivus to encounter them.

Of course, we're more than happy to see you use Collectivus as your main app for posting your location. We currently support posting geotagged tweets to Twitter, wall and places check-ins to Facebook, and of course: foursquare check-ins.

We appreciate all the feedback and effort put in by the community this year. We launched this prototype less than three months ago and have a mountain of data we're sorting through. We look forward to bringing you new features and updates in 2012.

Have a safe and Happy New Year from the entire Collectivus team!