birthday cake thingieTwo years ago, we flipped the bit on Collectivus and started sending hundreds of rubber ducks out on worldwide adventures. It was an experiment in traveling social objects. We call them Thingies.

A year ago, we started working on phase two of our experiment: Virtual social objects called Digital Thingies. With the explosion of location services, we wanted to enhance the check-in experience by connecting them to Thingies. This gives people ways for their notes and stories to be connected to not just to a place, but to travel as a chapter in the adventures of a Thingie – for others to find creating new ways to connect people together.

In October of 2011, we released our second prototype version of Collectivus. It was more mobile friendly and integrated with other social services. Through no promotion outside of Twitter and Facebook, friends old and new have been moving Digital Thingies all over the globe.

So what's in store for year three?

We're taking the feedback and test data from our wonderful prototype testers and revising the application. We want to make it easier to find, use, and post encounters, as well as a number of other surprises we have in store.

From the entire Collectivus team: Thank you for your support!

Happy Collectivus Day!